Saturday, 14 July 2012

Finding a new a new home

Saskia's mosaic sculpture finds a new home in the garden nestled next to the cabbages.
they both look beautiful!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Winter Mosaics

This group is finishing off and new people are joining the group next week...
Here is a look at the fun we had together and the gorgeous work you all created.
Jo and Nemo.

Gael and her tweezers add another tile piece to her sea world masterpiece.
Sali finishing the border of her beautiful mosaic

Alison and Dave making joint decisions.

Saskia - Heres looking at you!

Jo and Sas - working,chatting and drinking tea.
Olivia working in the sun. Hope the wedding goes well. Happy wishes to you and Hendrik

Tazia contemplating her lovely pot. Enjoy trekking around Mexico!!

Jo creating seaweed.....almost time to leave for Cambodia. We look forward to reading your blog about teaching in the orphange.

I enjoyed meeting you all.
I hope you get to create many more mosaics and our paths cross again.



Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mosaic Spotting in Vietnam - thank you Jessie

These make my heart sing!
Jessie - "they are from Hue in Vietnam on the tombs of the old emperors."

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bollon State School Mosaic -Wallam Creek

Gael and Saskia polishing the mosaic getting it ready.
The 36 mosaic panels were created by the 36 students in the school. What a fantastic job they did!!! It looks beautiful erected on the wall of the new resource centre. Thanks to Dion & Rob for their invaluable help in putting it up for us.


Little hands making magic

each panel tells a story

taken at midnight after grouting 36 panels to be ready for installing the next day. The head scarf is for preventing insects crawling into  my ears.

The community looked after us so well. We were overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone. Thank you Bollon.
les,gael and saskia

Mosaic funded by RADF Grant. 

Bollon pavers - community project in the outback

Gael, Saskia and I are back from a wonderful trip to Bollon.The morning community project to make pavers for the school saw 10 beautiful pavers placed in flowerbeds around the school. 
Dynamo Alex - who secured a RADF grant for the Bollon State School P&C to fund the mosaic project.

Tanya, who put our names forward to do the project,Alex and Kristy.

Sue,Tanya,Kelly, Jennie and Kristy mosaicing up a storm.
Kristy's beautiful paver taking shape.....
Tikky and Lauren have a go at the direct method

Bill of Nullawokka Aboriginal Tours tries his hand at mosaicing. Gael and Saskia look focused on tile cutting.Tanya, head down, working on her stunning Crucifex frog design. Gael and Saskia were lucky to experience one of Bill's tours.

Tanya puts the finishing touches to her Crucifex frog
Kristy's finished paver 

finished pavers waiting to be installed

Alex's tuft of grass
more pavers........each one different

Tanya's goldfish under a water ripple......

Sunday, 22 January 2012