Tuesday, 1 January 2013

bird of paradise

Nicole's exquisite bird of paradise is a real beauty!
Her talent and attention to detail shines through.
Nicoles quiet presence is always welcome in the studio.
we look forward to seeing your tea infused baking treats win the Dilmah baking competition next year.  

cape town angels

Here are my 2 beautiful nieces living in cape town, Frida and Malaika, with the mosaiced christmas boxes they created to store treasure in. ( Pearlie we are waiting for the pic of your finished mosaic)

Zara's favourite person in the world - Areane

Zara ( our dog) would hear Areane arrive at the gate and her tail would start to wag.
Areane created a beautiful mosaic mirror for her new babies bedroom. It is a tree which is lovely and symbolic as we watched Areane's tummy grow bigger each week as the tree became more complete.
Good luck with the birth of your baby Areane. We look forward to meeting him.( and seeing some of your embroidery work)

The Tweezer Queen

Gael working on her 'octopus/sea inspired' table top for Dan , her son, who is the captain on a boat.
Gael took ages with this table laying each piece lovingly. It was a joy to have you in the class Gael.
Not only is gael good with tile laying she also bakes magnificent cakes. Thank you for bringing me my favourite orange cake for us all to share on my birthday.
Cake and tea is a big part of the mosaic class. we need energy!

Seaman Dan

Here is Dan with the octopus table that his mum Gael made for him. It was a  labour of love. ( the table top shown is not erected yet. it's balancing on another table... Dan is off another sea adventure. One day he will settle on land and he can put table to good use...) 
Cheers Dan! and happy sailing.....

Tea for Two

I love it when people email me pictures of their finished mosaics .
Here is a photo of Tazia and Cas's tables on their balcony.
They look fantastic. Garden looks good too.