Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mosaic Landscapes

These are some my own mosaics. This was a lovely project for Seesaw Designs. They asked me to design & create mosaics of the Glasshouse mountains to install into a pathway. There was also a carpet snake to do and some mosaics for a display board. These days my own artwork is with clay and fused glass and most of the mosaic work I do now is teaching others how to do it -  which I love. When I was living in Johannesburg a friend and I had a mosaic business for 3 years. We have moisaiced every surface imaginable - including floors,columns,signage,logos,pool edges,fountains, steps..... 

These mosaics were made using cut up glass and clay tiles. Usually I work with ceramics tiles or a mix of materials in a completely different style. This job was a big challenge for me - as I never do landscapes.....and I was thrilled to see I could make a mountain look like a mountain and not a brown lump. The carpet snake was wonderful to do.

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